Welcome - Atlantic Bridge / Anglican-Bridge im Knüll-Camp in Schwarzenborn

Welcome Atlantic Bridge / Anglican Bridge 2019
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Picture July 2017 at Fritzlar
(Boniface – Apostle to Germany Statue)

Or just to be Camper and support communication in
English with Germans at Camp.
See paragraph below: Camper only

Short Term Summer Mission Trip for 2019
Would you like to serve the Lord in an unforgettable and possibly life transforming way? Are you able to work in a team, and adapt to some big cultural differences? Perhaps God is calling you to join a team this summer. The Reformed Episcopal Church is sponsoring Short-Term Mission Trips to Germany as years before. Please read the following information and ask the Lord if you can help out.

“A t l a n t i c  B r i d g e"  / "A n g l i c a n    B r i d g e” 2019

Every summer, as a ministry, Bishop and Grace Meyer invite Teens 15-17 and young adults 18 -28 each year to what was called (for 25 years) “English Camp”, - now “Anglican Bridge” in an English-Speaking setting. In 2018 we have changed the name and format calling it now:

Anglican Bridge & Links to Atlantic Bridge

Since 2017 we linked arms with another Youth Organization called. “Atlantic Bridge” http://atlanticbridge.org/ through friendship with the European Director John Oostdyk.

Last year after meeting together at www.knuellcamp.de  camp for retreat and planning, we went on a Reformation Tour to Wartburg (Luther), the Czech Republic (Most), Herrenhut (Zinzendorf) and a final meeting in the City of Dresden (Germany). More:
Beside young people from Germany we are inviting now also others from the European Union. Presently we expect small teams from:  the Netherlands( 16-10 from), 10 from Hungary, 10 from Czech Republic, 3-5 from UK.  

Summer Team from US needed: Camp & Tour
We also would like to welcome 6-10 team members from the USA to form two REC teams after the “Anglican Bridge” Camp to go on a mission trip for one week to support one of our REC Mission Churches in Germany:

Team to Berlin (Rev. David Ayres http://christchurchberlin.de/)

The other European participants will depart to different Mission Tours into Czech Republic and Hungary. At the end of separate Mission Tours most Groups will meet in the German City of Dresden for a final combined Youth Mission Meeting. The REC team will stay in Berlin with their host-church till Sunday and participate either in German or English Worship services. Overnights during that time are planned to be in a Youth Hostel.

Opportunity and Blessing
It will be a great opportunity for you to attend and to use your God given gifts in sharing and serving. Singers, musicians,
sport-enthusiasts, actors, organizers and others - ready to help wherever needed are wanted! Bishop Meyer is looking for
young people from 18-30 years old as staff and helpers.
(If younger  15 – 17 years you need special permission by your parents and recommendation by your pastor.
If you are 15-17 and not a staff member at “Anglican Bridge” Camp you are welcome to register as a PARTICIPANT.
 As a Summer Team Member (staff) you will have a lot of contact with German and European young people, worshipping,
working, sharing meals and leisure time, sports, music and drama. There are many opportunities to use whatever gifts
God has given you to encourage and disciple German and European young people. And last, but not least support the
Anglican Way at “Anglican Bridge” at Morning Prayer and Holy Communion.  
Come and serve as Short Term Mission Member 2018 at
Anglican Bridge” and Mission Tour
in Germany July  12.- 31. 2018
(or longer – see below)

1. General Information
Arrive before actual Anglican Bridge Camp: (July 18th).  If possible ! July 13 in Frankfurt:
Cost of Air Fare: www.expedia.com or
or https://www.travelocity.com  or others. (prices from $ 700,- up (i.e. Baltimore – Frankfurt)
You arrange your own ticket. We will pick you up at the Frankfurt Airport or at Train Station Treysa (Schwalmstadt)
close to Camp. See separate information Arriving by AIR:

2. General Schedule - Short Term Mission Members
July 12 Wednesday – STM-Members (leave at their desired home Airport US – (late noon or evening)
July 13 Thursday - arrive at Frankfurt Airport –  we pick you up and take you to www.knuellcamp.de
July 14. – 18. Sleep-in on Friday (jet-leg), Introduction on Saturday, participate Sunday at Church Service and afternoon visiting
St. Boniface Memorial and Cathedral in Fritzlar; Monday-till Wednesday-> Preparation for “Anglican Bridge”.


July 23-29 Mission Tour: Team to Berlin

On our travel to Berlin we will visit Eisenach (Wartburg Luther’s Captivity),
Wittenberg (Luther’s Seminary & Museum).
In Berlin several days ministry with Rev. Ayres)
July 29 Sunday evening returning to Knuell Camp from Berlin
July 30 Monday. Feedback about Anglican Bridge and Mission Tour, packing, final evening fare well in local Country Hotel:
July 31 (Tuesday) Early Morning Frankfurt Airport, returning to the US.

3. Expected Cost for Summer Team Members in Germany in Euro / €:

At Knuell Center, days prior to Anglican Bridge Camp:
No cost for staff members (Work-Study: K.-Camp pays for you).
(Morning: work projects / food preparation, etc. 3 ½ hrs morning.
Afternoon: 3 hrs practice and preparation for A.B.-Camp).
Participants / Camper only! From US or UK not working and not part of staff –  you pay $ 100,- extra

During “Anglican Bridge” Camp:
Sight seeing trip City – Fritzlar or Eisenach 15,- €;
Meals and overnight for staff per person during ABC 75,-€
Extras to think about: 20,- € pocket money ??  during Camp, coke, snacks, ice cream etc.

Germany –  Tour:
a) Eisenach, Buchenwald, (Weimar) Wittenberg, Berlin.
* overnight & 2 daily meals during a 6-day tour in a German Youth hostel in Wittenberg/ Berlin 220,- €
You pay one daily lunch yourself, (McDonald, German Bratwurst stand etc.)
* Travel expenses in Germany, from and to Airport (2 x )     40,- €
* Germany tour to Berlin and public transportation in Berlin (700 Miles, trips) 150,- €
* Entrance fees, Berlin  & Boat trip - Spree River  55,- €
* Country Restaurant – final evening  35,- €

*Total for overnight / meals and travel expense for Summer Team  (or US Camper) Members are  €uro 500,- €
At present exchange rate about US         $ 620,-

* Think about pocket money and some for souvenirs, gifts etc

* Exceptions and possible reduction:
During mission tour, if team members are invited to sleep overnight in Christian homes instead of in
a youth hostel the calculated price will be reimbursed to you at the end of the tour.

Procedure of Acceptance

Send in the registration form not later than   March 30th   2018.
If earlier and you are accepted, you might be able buy a cheaper air ticket.

If this is your first Mission to REC Germany and Knuellcamp we need to hear from your Pastor or two persons outside of your family who would support your serving on the Summer Team in Germany. Ask the two people you named on the form for references to send us separately an email, etc. - not more than one page - stating some reasons to support your going on the mission trip, and 1) in what way it would profit you 2) as well as the ministry in Germany. (should arrive till March 30th at Knuellcamp).
Evaluation and decision about number of people being accepted will be finalized between now and April 6th.
You will receive an answer as soon as possible if you apply earlier.
If you are serious about coming, it is imperative that you act very soon. (we need to book your overnights
at Youth Hostels as early as possible – air tickets are now still reasonable).

Application Fee  

Anglican / Atlantic Bridge” & Mission Tour:
we ask you to confirm sending in a check of Dollar 250,- (payable to GERHARD MEYER;
Memo: Anglican Bridge 2018.  Send Check to Address:  
Gerhard Meyer,
 Richbergstr. 11,
 34639 Schwarzenborn,
For questions use email – grace.meyer@gmx.de (or if necessary Mobil +49-15788789509)

This first payment will cover the down payment for the advanced booking of the youth hostel only.
The second payment is due by arrival in Germany. (via check or you can withdraw money from most German Bank machines.)

If you arrive later than the regular team arrival, you can take the train at Frankfurt airport terminal, change train only once at Frankfurt main train station into the train going to Schwalmstadt (Treysa). There we will pick you up and take you to the Camp. (We will tell you details what to look for at train via email.)   

Passport / Money
Make sure you possess a valid ID Card or Passport for Germany.  
Money: you can use your Credit or Debit card at every German Bank or Money machine to get Euros. Contact your Bank to allow you to withdraw Euro in Germany from your Bank Account  

Schwarzenborn liegt im Schwalm-Eder-Kreis etwa 13,5 km entfernt von Homberg (Efze) im Hochknüll (Knüll-Gebirge).
Es besteht eine gute Verkehrsanbindung und gleichzeitig findest Du bei uns viel Ruhe, Entspannung und Natur pur mit super-sauberer Luft. Abseits der Ballungsräume in ca. 620 m Höhe im Nordwestteil der Gemarkung Schwarzenborn.
Das Knüll-Camp mit dem Knüllköpfchen befindet sich westlich von Bad Hersfeld, östlich von Schwalmstadt, sowie südlich von Homberg (Efze).
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